Diagnosis (Lp)

by Lilla Veneda

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released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Lilla Veneda Wrocław, Poland

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Track Name: The Black Faced Titan
The Black Faced Titan

opening eyes in an astral cocoon
bounded by your own imperfection
you are looking for an exit
the view from inside is narrow and pour
but the only thing that you have, the only clue

follow the path designed by
your own map of thoughts

“when you pass away, you leave not only macrocosmos behind –
which is a very painful experiment – but also say goodbye to thousands
of human beings with whom you are acquainted
if there are so many individual souls, of course
perhaps you are the facet of one
and the same spirit of the world
creation of consciousness
takes billion years – but its death
just a few seconds”
Track Name: The Perfect Serenity
The Perfect Serenity

above the sands of time
resurrected from the entropy of the universe
to search a twin serenity
the fountain of integrity

flooded by new world's abomination
I discover next cards of this ugly game
which everyone is playing
but don’t know how to win

blessed by natural curiosity
I felt the great longing to my sweet salvation
growing just around the corner
in the abyss of dumb feelings and dreams

taken from this vortex of rotten expectations
she showed me undiscovered corridors inside her
billion of doors waiting to be opened
but only one explanation

“both of us are a fairy tale
closed in our own picture”

together as one we create integrity
the perfect serenity
without hope
Track Name: Prophecy of the Rat King
Prophecy of the Rat King

progeny of false perfection
fruits of a rotten idea
enter the scene
cross the barrier

surrounded by random dummies
watch out for their verbal venom
do not focus on their empty gaze
emptiness inside – bottomless pit
draws like vortex

holocaust for poisoners of dreams
annihilation for parasites of existence

you will see what you believe in
purify the way to stars
animus aeger
semper errat
remove these useless pawns
from the game
by sinister power
Track Name: Parasite Lost (Weltschmerz)
Parasite Lost (Weltschmerz)

with the first breath filling in your body
like stars in the sky
matured in the organic field
to show its true face

theoretically – it’s a plague complexed with your worldly ego
practically – it made you the way you are

a proud worshipper of free thought
a lone confidant of nature’s beauty
a staunch believer of pure emotions
a rotten hero of its own tragedy

abandoning your true nature
you sentence yourself to ultimate nothingness
just look into depths of your soul and release
this magic energy...

...and dance with crowds of damned souls
scream to children of old men's faces
to kneel down before you

clear of your bitter memories with rain of new desires
open your heart with a blade of true love
Track Name: Voice of the Unborn
Voice of the Unborn

frozen on the edge of madness
like a gargoyle adorning the cathedral
you constantly weave a thread of life
bemused by fumes of insatiability

your natural driving force
of cognitive actions
but it's not an organic perpetum mobile
the only infinite power is a process

„there is no place you could hide from time
you could hide from kings or emperors
maybe you could even hide from god
but you could not hide from time
time will come for us anywhere we are
because everything that surrounds us is immersed
in this wild element”

rise your head in the act of self-determination
try to swallow the dead's wisdom
enigmatic desire of living
Track Name: Alienation

you flew from under wings of your loving mother now
bouncing from walls of life
you’re looking for a shelter for your feelings

a butterfly flew into the skies but cannot see the end of the road

to put down roots and proudly watch
how fruits of your deepest desires grow
your wings have been clipped by living dummies
every step you take, you stick to filth of their conscience

time passes faster each day
though no one steers the clock
you drink a bittersweet nectar through entire life
in which creatures’ connection is gloomed
the swing of mood will finally fall
not lasting out an immense weight

over fields of cocoons, fertilized with the poisonous seed
someplace far away, a pure life burns
losing your aims you’re sinking faster than you could see
you suddenly crack like a soap bubble and fall into oblivion